SSCC51 Racing Team II

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Our side seam buttery soft tees are ring-spun cotton with a blend of polyester at 60/40. The shirts are incredibly soft, lighweight, and have a printed neck label. Pre-laundered for accuracy in sizing, these T-Shirts will stay true to fit and form.

The story and design inspiration behind our newest Speed Society Car Club exclusive t-shirt, "Racing Team II," is an homage to our rich history and the legacy of our previous "Racing Team #23" design.

The rich red and tan racing team design represents motorsports' timeless and classic aesthetic. It embodies the spirit of speed, competition, and camaraderie that defines the Speed Society Car Club and our racing team. The colors are chosen to exude a sense of passion and elegance, reflecting our members' love for cars and motorsport racing.

The main design incorporates the car club's number 51, paying tribute to the continued milestones within the club's entire release history. This limited edition number adds a touch of uniqueness to the t-shirt, making it a coveted item for car enthusiasts and club members. Below the 51 and "Racing Team" in an elegant script are a set of Speed Society team logos to further showcase a team sponsor-styled design.

On the front of the t-shirt, you'll find our signature Speed Society Car Club logo, proudly displayed in the same red and tan as a symbol of our collective identity and shared passion for automobiles. It represents our commitment to excellence, unity, and the pursuit of high-speed adventures.

To signify the limited #51 edition, the arm of the t-shirt features the text "SSCC51." This alphanumeric code highlights the exclusivity of this particular t-shirt and its connection to the Speed Society Car Club.

Overall, "Racing Team II" is a limited edition t-shirt that combines elements of tradition and innovation, honoring our past while embracing our exciting future. It represents the strong bond among car enthusiasts within the Speed Society Car Club. Without our members, we couldn't continue to pursue this expression of artistic design and passion for high-speed performance. As always, thank you for representing the most significant car club in the world.