10 Of The Highest-Revving Production Cars Of All Time

When it comes to the sensory experiences of the automotive world, there are few ...

When it comes to the sensory experiences of the automotive world, there are few things that get a gearhead’s attention quicker than a high-revving engine. From small displacement four-bangers to wailing V12’s, there is nothing like hearing an engine screaming toward its redline, and the video below has found 10 of the highest revving production engines of all time and compiled them into an informative video that is packed full of high-winding powerplants and a great amount of information.

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The video opens with a little info about RPM’s and why they matter before diving into the list, which opens with one of the coolest cars on the list, the Audi R8 V10 Plus, which spins up to an impressive 8,700 RPM. With 610 horsepower on tap, the V10 version of the R8 is a solid performer that offers great acceleration and excellent handling. A tick higher on the tachometer, Honda’s Integra Type R is capable of spinning 8,800 revs per minute from its small but peppy B18C inline four cylinder.

Next up, another Honda legend: the S2000. The F20C powerplant in the S2K produced 240 HP and spun up to a beautiful 9000 RPM, making it one of the most enjoyable Hondas to drive. Just ahead of the S2000 in this rev comparison, the insane Ferrari La Ferrari, featuring the F140 engine that spins up to 9,250 revs and produces an astonishing 780 horsepower that pushes the car to a 217 MPH top speed while singing a beautiful song from the high-revving engine.

The Suzuki Cappuchino is a bit out of place on this list, at least in horsepower and prestige, but when it comes to comparing rev limiters, the diminutive 3 cylinder holds its own against some of the baddest cars on the planet. While it only produced only 64 HP, the boosted three-banger would rev to the moon, topping out at 9,300 on the tach. Back to Honda, the S600 would spin to 9,500 RPM, a number made all the more impressive by the fact that the car was built in the 1960’s. The only rotary engine on the countdown comes from Mazda’s RX8. Capable of tapping the rev limiter at 9,500 RPM, the JDM Type-S version of the RX8 is a great value for those looking to get into a car with a screaming engine without dumping a ton of cash. The next car on the list WILL cost you a ton of cash, but it would certainly be worth it. Lexus’ LFA is not only one of the best looking cars ever made, it features the 9,500 RPM-capable 4.2 liter V10 screamer that sounds much more like a Formula 1 car than something you’d see on the road. Higher than the LFA on the rev scale, the legendary Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, which is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cars ever produced, also happened to have one of the highest revving engines ever built. The 2.0 liter overhead cam V8 produced 230 HP. There were only 18 of these produced, however, and market value on them had now reached 8-digit levels. Finally, the highest revving engine ever produced, the powerplant from the insane Ariel Atom V8 500, which turns 10,600 RPM. Built by combining two Suzuki Hayabusa engines to create the screaming V8, the Atom is one of the most badass cars you’ll ever encounter. So tell us, which do you think is the most impressive? We’d love to hear from you guys with your opinions on these engines!

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