Aaron Kaufman Knocks The Webs Off His 1942 WLA and Teaches New Employee How to Ride!

Even for those who are some of the hardest working in the business, there comes a ...

Even for those who are some of the hardest working in the business, there comes a time where you have to call it quits for a little while and do a little something leisurely in order to balance out all of that work that probably has these hard workers going absolutely insane. This time, we catch up with the behind-the-scenes that shows us exactly what Aaron Kaufman does when he’s not wrenching vehicles or building a business. The whole thing centers around an old-school motorcycle that is way too cool to be true! You’re definitely going to want to see this thing as it puts around in the backyard for a bit of fun and a quick riding lesson!

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In this one Aaron is joined by his new social media guy and the two take a spin in the backyard, knocking the cobwebs off of the ’42 WLA Harley-Davidson, making the backyard into a track of their very own and simply taking a couple moments to enjoy their free time! You can bet your bottom dollar that they’re probably squeezing every ounce of fun out of this moment because it won’t be too long before these two are back to work again. It’s incredibly cool to see something like this going down that just brings nothing but pure joy to the table with no other motives at play.

Check out the video below as the two take turns on the motorcycle with Aaron teaching his protégé a thing or two about how to ride. It looks like the social media guy at Arclight learned how to hand shift the bike that night, too! Now, it’s time to get back to work and to building more badass automobiles for the world to enjoy! You’ve got to appreciate a good time like this!

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