Alex Laughlin’s Tractor Pull Truck is an Absolute Beast

Just when you thought that being behind the wheel of Gas Monkey Garage’s NHRA ...

Just when you thought that being behind the wheel of Gas Monkey Garage’s NHRA race car was the extent of Alex Laughlin’s bad-to-the-bone driving abilities, you discover a video like this that shows off another motorsport that you can find Alex blazing down the track in, behind the wheel of a really mean machine.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.43.25 AM

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The tractor pull is yet another racing event where you can find Alex behind the wheel, mustering up massive gobs of torque as his rig goes to town, digging into the dirt and pulling that heavy load as far as humanly possible to try and out-do his opposition.

If you’re wondering about his rig, well, as you can see here, what once used to be a functional street worthy Dodge Dakota has been completely beefed up and brought to the task of hauling this massive load with the help of a gigantic supercharger that really puts this thing in the mix as a stout competitor.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 9.45.01 AM

Check out the video below that will show you the truck known as “Radioactive” and take you inside of a day in the life out at a pulling event. Be sure to check out what this driving mad man is capable of out in the dirt and tell us what you think of this wicked truck.

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