Big Dude Tries to Ride Mini Bike, Ends In Hilarity

As a big guy myself, this video is near and dear to my heart, as I have mounted – and ...

As a big guy myself, this video is near and dear to my heart, as I have mounted – and that’s really what it feels like – one of these mini bikes myself and rode it, with much less success than the guy in this clip. The one I tried to ride had a lot more torque than I gave it credit for, and with my 280 pounds parked right on the rear tire, it immediately dumped me squarely on my butt the first time I blipped the throttle. Luckily, nobody had a phone or camera handy, so I’ll not be starring in any videos.

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This bike appears to be more appropriately powered for its size, and with a fully grown rider aboard, seems to be really struggling to move its payload. The rider does manage to keep his balance, which isn’t always easy on a bike that’s smaller than your run of the mill microwave. The mini motor is audibly strained as it works to keep the rider moving, as the cameraman loses it with laughter. It’s definitely a sight to see, a grown man on one of these pocket bikes, so we can’t blame him for cracking up!

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