“Blown Smoke” Causes Mayhem on This Dyno Run!

When it comes to laying it all down on the dyno, diesel powered machines have proven ...

When it comes to laying it all down on the dyno, diesel powered machines have proven that they can make some insane power and torque along with putting on quite a show for spectators. Alongside that power and torque, many times, comes a massive smoke show that proves to be enough to smoke out the entire building that you’re standing in if you aren’t careful. With this one, we check out a diesel that’s bound to create some massive numbers and spits out a ton of black smoke to go alongside it. To be honest, I can’t say that I have ever seen something of this magnitude before! This one is truly exciting to watch make a pull and lay down some numbers.

The guys behind the diesel powered Chevrolet Silverado that goes by the name of “Blown Smoke” say that they were really only able to make a light pull up to about 4000 RPM. However, even for what they described as “light,” the display is enough to make your eyes roll back in your head as the machine absolutely powers through the dyno, creating more than the rollers are able to process before letting off of the throttle, meanwhile, creating enough black smoke to overshadow the entire city for a month! It seems like this thing is really hauling off even on the tame setting. I would be really interesting to see what it looks like on the high setting!

Ride along down In the display below that will show you exactly what a whole bunch of diesel power looks like. It doesn’t look like the guys release the numbers from this run as it was only halfway turned up but after checking it out for yourself, try to make your very best guess at what kind of power you think that this truck makes when all is said and done on the highest setting.

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