BMW Driver Gets Pulled Over For Driving Like a Prick

When it comes to driving on the road, one of the most beautiful things of it all is ...

When it comes to driving on the road, one of the most beautiful things of it all is that the playing field is level. Nobody holds priority over another person and everybody has a fair opportunity to get to their destination in a comfortable and relaxed manner, unless you run into someone like the guy in this BMW, that is.

Now, whenever you’re driving along and you see someone like this guy who has the goal of screwing over everyone else on the road in order to get to his destination just a minute or two sooner, you might really want to scream but you don’t want to stoop to his level and do something stupid to retaliate.

This time, however, that want for retaliation goes right out the window when you see what exactly happened to this guy as he was served a dose of instant karma. When the driver decided to try to go around traffic in the shoulder to better his placement in line, it turns out there would be a face on the other side that wasn’t so welcoming.

Check out the video below as the impatient driver is nabbed by a police officer that doesn’t care what kind of car the driver is behind the wheel of, he’s getting pulled over and probably getting a ticket as this dosage of karma comes at just the right time.

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