Boat Launch Does Not Go As Planned… Ultimate Fail

When it comes to launching a boat, the process isn’t necessarily as easy as it ...

When it comes to launching a boat, the process isn’t necessarily as easy as it looks all the time. Sure, when you’ve done it a fair amount of times, you might get yourself in a rhythm and be pretty good at it but you always need have an extra set of eyes in the back of your head in order minimize potentially costly mistakes.

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This time, we catch up with a couple of boaters at the boat ramp who don’t necessarily have the greatest luck in the world when they go to put their small craft in the water. Instead, as they unhook the boat from the trailer, before they make it down to the water, the boat flops around and doesn’t even make it into the drink!

Now, luckily, it doesn’t look like too much damage was done and it was a smaller boat so the cost of the damage probably was minimized but this is still one blooper that these guys probably wish that they would have been able to avoid before their day of boating.

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