Buying a Lamborghini off the Internet Gone Horribly Wrong

When it comes to the used car sales market, it’s really a shame but it seems ...

When it comes to the used car sales market, it’s really a shame but it seems like more people than not are out to grab a dollar or two no matter what the cost of doing business, even if it means sticking someone in a car that is known to be an unreliable lemon. We aren’t necessarily saying that’s the case here, but this is one prime example of exactly why you should stray away from those sight unseen cars.

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Nick Rienzo, found himself browsing around for a Lamborghini, his search process would finally end on a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo boasting a black and white paint scheme. After reading the advertisement and seeing that this particular car was in “stunning” condition, he thought that he had found the one.

After he cut a check for $85,000, the car would be on its way and its excited new owner would wait in anticipation, but when the driver of the delivery truck pulled up and said that “he had never in 10 years picked up an exotic car in this bad of shape,” his heart sunk to the bottom of Nick’s stomach.

Nick continued that ” My advice to anyone planning to purchase from these guys is to be very careful. If it appears to be too good of a deal, it is. They’re going to take advantage of you and pass you a pile of junk. These guys are deliberately ignoring my attorney!”

The pictures below show some of the up close shots of the things that the new owner wasn’t happy with and the video shows the moment that the car rolled off of the transporter’s trailer and you could hear the disgust in Nick’s voice as he went over what he thought of his newly purchased ride. We reached out to Select Motors of Tampa and we have yet to get a response. Be sure to sound off and tell us what you think of this story that has more drama than anyone would ever want to deal with alongside a car purchase.

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