Driver’s Unique Boat Towing Method Flabbergasts Motorists

Sometimes, you just have to get on the water, and you can’t let a silly ...

Sometimes, you just have to get on the water, and you can’t let a silly obstacle like not owning a boat trailer stand in your way.

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The boating motorist in this Trailblazer is hell-bent on getting his patriotic boat to the water on this gorgeous blue-sky day and has rigged up what appears to be a small platform to hold his boat nearly vertically behind his SUV. The platform is low to the ground and between the weight of the boat and the wind forcing it downward so far that it scrapes the ground, sending a screech that can easily be heard by the other drivers, who decided to grab a quick video.

Hopefully the platform survived the trip to the lake and this guy got his fix on the water, because going to all this trouble to go and not have fun would really be a waste of effort and some solid redneck engineering. If y’all see anything like this out there and can SAFELY grab a video, send it our way. We love seeing how creative people get when it comes to hauling their stuff!

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