Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About your Windshield + How to Fix One

In the automotive community, YouTuber, ChrisFix has been known to spread the ...

In the automotive community, YouTuber, ChrisFix has been known to spread the knowledge about how to go about repairing your car without spending all kinds of money. By doing certain things in your driveway on your own, you can save all of that cash that you were otherwise going to spend when paying somebody to do the job for you. This time, Chris dives inside of yet another job that you might want to tackle at home if you have a few spare minutes to watch this YouTube video and follow the steps that it outlines in the easy-to-follow tutorial.

In this one, we not only get the lowdown on how to fix your windshield if it actually gets to that point but also when you should and should not attempt to repair the glass along with what kind of glass is used on your windshield and why the same glass isn’t used on the rest of the windows in your car. Even for those who know their way around vehicles pretty well, this is a good one that could provide a little bit of knowledge beyond what you already know.

With a handy resin kit to fill in the cracks and an abundant amount of knowledge, Chris gets down to it, preparing the windshield to be repaired and using the kit to its full ability to fill in that chip and be on his way with his Ford Mustang, all without spending the cash that it would otherwise take to have someone do it for him!

When you break down jobs like this, they really seem a lot less complicated than you might have made them out to be in your head. At the end of the day, it really seems quite simple and with a little bit of patience, you can do it too!

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