Lego V8 Engine VS 55,000 RPM

When it comes to different creative materials like LEGOs, things have gotten really ...

When it comes to different creative materials like LEGOs, things have gotten really complex, a far cry from where they once were, as you’re now able to build just about whatever it is that you like, taking that vision in your head and laying it down in front of you as you try to find just the right pieces to synthesize your vision. Everything from cars to houses and boats and everything in between is possible in this world of tiny building blocks and it’s a ton of fun to see what people are able to come up with in their ventures.

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Some people enjoy building things up in other people might enjoy breaking them apart. There’s definitely an appeal on both of these processes and this time, we check out the situation that takes a LEGO engine, completely functioning, and keeps on turning up the RPM, rotating the engine until it completely obliterates itself. It ends up being pretty suspenseful as we watch as the motor turn faster and faster, doing its best to stand up to the friction before it decided it could stand up no more. It really is quite a suspenseful experience to say the least.

Follow along in the video below as this experimenter ends up putting a LEGO creation to the test, seeing just how fast it’ll rotate before it shatters into pieces, sending itself into every corner of the room. It really makes you wonder what other kind of miniaturized LEGO brick destruction you could get yourself involved in. The fact that you can just pick it all up and put it back together again with these blocks really make this kind of crash and burn all that much more desirable. Be sure to chime in with what you think of how well this engine held together.

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