Man Gets Camaro Back with Upgrades After it was Stolen 30 Years Ago

Imagine being lucky enough to share in the joy that is a father-son project, ...

Imagine being lucky enough to share in the joy that is a father-son project, wrenching away for an entire year to get an old-school Camaro on the road. That situation would assemble a car that is something that you would want to cherish and hold onto for your entire life. Not only is it a chance to build something cool but being able to have those memories that go along with the process is really priceless.

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That was exactly what this man had going on with his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro that he had been working on with his dad to get restored and roadworthy. After the year or so of working on the car, they finally got it back on the road but just two weeks later, the car would be snatched up by a thief and neither of them thought that they would see it ever again after looking tirelessly and eventually giving up.

Somehow, though, out of the blue, 33 years later, someone tried to sell the car and probably had no idea that the Camaro was stolen. However, when the VIN number was processed, officials would determine that the car that was missing for over 30 years would finally be able to go back to its original owner. A situation like this kind of makes you feel bittersweet because the person who was selling it more than likely had no idea of the car’s status but on the other hand, it’s always good to see an owner reunited with their ride in a situation like this.

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When the original owner got the car back, he says that everything from the brakes to the engine was upgraded. On top of that, whoever it was that has had possession of the car for all these years managed to keep it in rather good condition, treating the car like their pride and joy that it probably was. Check out the video below and be sure to tell us what you think of a situation like this one. It surely is a road that has a lot of unique twists and turns to observe.

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