Man Jumps into Pool Full of Motor Oil… Honoring The Bet!

In the name of camaraderie and competition, bets have been placed for all different ...

In the name of camaraderie and competition, bets have been placed for all different kinds of obscure things and this time, we check out what appears to be some sort of lost wager and the guy who looks to be on the losing end is living up to his word even when it means something as crazy as this.

For most people who have worked on a car, they will attest oil having the ability to get just about anywhere from your arms to under your fingernails all the way up to your hair and even with an aggressive soap, getting it all off can be a little bit tricky and take a good amount of time and effort alike.

This time, instead of having oil smeared down his arm or even caught in his hair, this guy is going to have it over every square inch of his body as he agrees to jump into a pool filled with what appears to be used oil, getting it in every last crack and crevice and maybe even getting oil jammed in some places that he wasn’t even aware that he had.

It looks like his buddies are at the ready with a soapy power washer but even that probably isn’t going to do the job when it comes to removing all of that oil from his skin. I would venture to say that this poor sap is going to be finding the slick substance everywhere for weeks to come.

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