Outlaw Supra Becomes Fastest Import IN THE WORLD

Outlaw Supra New Import World Record [email protected] 240MPH. Click the image above to claim ...

Outlaw Supra New Import World Record [email protected] 240MPH. 

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Being the best in any category is quite a feat when it comes to drag racing. Car owners strive to top their class at all times, but E Kanoo Racing is shooting for all the marbles.

The task at hand is conquering each and every import to become both the quickest (e/t) and fastest (mph) to ever make it down the quarter mile. Their 10.5 Outlaw Toyota Supra has recently done just that and has conquered the import game, at least for the time being.

What exactly does it take to become the owner of such a title? The turbo supra was able to rip of a 6.05-second pass while topping 240mph in the short distance of 1,320 feet.

Congrats from Speed Society to the new record holders. The only thing we’re left to wonder is when we’ll be seeing fives out of this gnarly Supra.

2JZ Stock block guys, listen to the owner here, after the run!

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