Panhandler Turns Down a Job, Honda Dealership Gets Revenge

There are certain situations where people might be down on their luck and have no ...

There are certain situations where people might be down on their luck and have no choice in the matter but to find someone who is charitable enough to give them money. For some folks, this means turning to a street corner and panhandling for a couple of dollars. However, as you may have heard in various stories around the Internet, there are definitely a fair share of people who abuse this situation, taking advantage of the generosity of people to further their financial standing.

Image Via: Brett Paulson of Brighton Honda

While there may be panhandlers that are legitimate, story after story like this really makes you question how much some of them need the money. When this man panhandling outside of a Honda dealership was offered a job by the dealership making $10 an hour, a modest amount of money but a decent wage at the end of the day, he turned it down, telling the dealership employees that he “makes more a day than any of you.”

Technically, he isn’t doing anything illegal necessarily but, you would think that most people open up their wallets because they think that someone is down on their luck and not in a position to be turning down jobs where they could go and earn that money for themselves. Misleading folks like that seems to be a pretty big breach of human ethics if you ask me.

Apparently, it turned out that someone at the Brighton, MI dealership that he turned down the job from thought the same way as they propped a sign out front imploring people not to give to their resident panhandler but instead to give their money to a more worthy cause. The situation is now going viral and it looks like the jig is up for this guy begging for money – or he might at least want to look for another street!


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