Say Hello to the Farm Mod… Built by High School Kids!

When we’re able to pass this great community of drag racing down to the next ...

When we’re able to pass this great community of drag racing down to the next generation, it really is a beautiful thing and this time, we check out something built entirely by the next generation that really is a ton of fun to watch as it rips down the strip!

This nitrous infused Chevrolet S10 goes by the name of “Farm Mod” because of its likeness that somewhat resembles the Farmtruck and the best part about the whole ordeal is that this impressive truck was put together entirely by high school kids!

If they were able to construct something like this at such a young age, just imagine what’s coming when these youngsters get a little bit of experience under their belts. They could even be the next big thing in the world of drag racing, you never know!

Check out the video below that shows off the garage built machine yanking the front wheels and making its way down the track to a clean pass. Major kudos go to this school for taking the extra steps to keep the sport that we all know, love, and keep close to our hearts alive!

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