Students Told Not to Fly Flags “Stick it to the Man” and Win

We have to admit that, in the scheme of people kicking and screaming for people to ...

We have to admit that, in the scheme of people kicking and screaming for people to have their agenda pushed, that a story like this is incredibly refreshing to hear about and the means that they went about here could be effective across the board.

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Today, in America, you kind of have to feel bad for some organizations who are being forced into a corner and trying to do the right thing only to be held in a bad light. This time, we check out a school that has been on the hot seat as they’ve gone to the length of banning all flags to make sure that nobody’s feelings were hurt but when these students disagreed with the rule that clearly violated the Constitution, they went about protesting in exactly the right way to make the school question their own policies and actually go out and reverse their decision to ban all flags.

Afterward, it seems like the school administrators who made the policy took one look at how the kids were protesting and were actually happy to have the debate, reconsidering their decision. If more debates across every political axis could be had like this instead of using vandalism, violence, and other savage behavior, just maybe we could get to the bottom of some of the disagreements that face the many groups that make up the United States of America today!

The video below shows the protest that these students staged along with getting the opinion of the community. It’s something that should serve as a model for those looking to get something done in their own community for the greater good. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the ban on flags at the school wasn’t completely removed and that those considered widely offensive will still be banned. It looks like most people seem to be happy with the middle-ground that the parties were able to come to as they had a fair exchanging of viewpoints.

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