The Pagani Huayra Crash Test Is Hard to Watch

Crash testing is a mandatory part of automobile manufacturing, even though sometimes ...

Crash testing is a mandatory part of automobile manufacturing, even though sometimes it’s incredibly hard to watch.

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Most tests, those where Impala’s and F150’s are crammed headlong into a wall, are satisfying to watch. But this is no ordinary car. This test means the demise of one of the most widely-beloved hypercars on the planet, a Pagani Huayra. That’s right, this beautiful specimen of automotive excellence that ANY car guy would kill to own, is slammed into a brick wall at speed.

Obviously, this has to be done to examine how the car holds up in a crash, with driver safety a paramount concern in a car capable of 200+ MPH speeds, but that doesn’t make this footage any easier to watch. The drivers compartment is surrounded by a carbon fiber and titanium cage of sorts, called the central monocoque, that is designed to protect the pilot in such a violent impact, and it appears to hold up quite well. While there is no info in the video about the success or failure, it seems like a safe bet that the engineers at Pagani know what they’re doing and built the Huayra to hold up very well, if for no other reason than to avoid having to watch more of their creations slammed into the testing wall.



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