Throwback – Big Chief’s 1972 Chevelle vs. 1000hp Twin Turbo Viper Roll Race Circa 2011

When you watch Street Outlaws on television and all of the racing that Big Chief gets ...

When you watch Street Outlaws on television and all of the racing that Big Chief gets involved in today, you would think that there’s no way that he has had a history of roll racing. A lot of times, grudge racers will be openly against roll racing altogether.

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This time, we flash back to several years before the television cameras of Street Outlaws were even a twinkle in the 405’s eye. As you can probably imagine, these guys have been racing for a long time before the TV cameras started coming around and looking back, we get a front row seat to exactly what that brand of racing was like.

In this particular match up, Chief is sporting a Chevrolet Chevelle with a 505 cubic inch big block Chevrolet huffing nitrous and fueled by pump gas that goes up against a Dodge Viper, a machine that’s mated with some boost thanks to a set of turbos that help crank out 1000 hp.

Check out the video below as the roll racing goes down the streets. With all that he’s wrapped up in these days, we doubt that Chief really has time for roll racing anymore but this is also a side of one of the biggest street racers on the planet that most people probably have never seen before.

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