Top 8 Bike Cops VS Bikers – 2016 Compilation

Dudes on bikes just DON’T CARE! These 8 clips from various police chases all ...

Dudes on bikes just DON’T CARE! These 8 clips from various police chases all have one thing in common: Guys on bikes giving the cops the proverbial middle finger and getting away with it.

Of course, when you’re on a bike that’s either capable of running 200 MPH or one that can go basically anywhere you’d be willing to ride it, you know there is a real good chance you will get away, even from cops on motorcycles of their own. About the only worry for these guys would be the police calling in a helicopter and even that isn’t always enough to do the job.

Check out this video, where some of the bikers ride within feet of the cops, almost as if teasing them, before rocketing away into the distance. Clearly these riders are just toying with the slower, less agile motorcycle cops, as they have the advantage in power and weight. The guys on the other side of the badge pull some questionable moves throughout this video too, crossing directly into oncoming traffic more than once. They also pull right across traffic trying to slow the sport bike riders, a move that seems far more risk than any potential reward should something go wrong for either rider.

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