What Happens if you Throw Out Your Key Fob WHILE driving?

In this day and age, every bit of technology is moving toward a more wireless world ...

In this day and age, every bit of technology is moving toward a more wireless world where things like proximity sensors and Bluetooth are being used in far more devices than the traditional way of connecting everything with a wire. This same technology has been seen used in the automotive world.

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As you know, push-to-start is becoming a really big deal that is becoming more and more common. However, without your key in the car, the car simply won’t start. When you think about it, this really makes sense, otherwise, your ride would just be fair game for anyone to come up and easily steal.

This time, we check out a little demonstration that attempts to show us what would happen should a driver be cruising along and they lose their key out of the window. Say, for example, without telling you, your energetic child decides to toss the key out of the back window while you’re rolling down the highway. What would happen?

Check out the video below that puts you inside of a newer Ford when the driver tosses the key and it keeps on rolling. However, it wouldn’t be long before the loss of the key would end up throwing a wrench in the gears for this driver who, in practice, would just want to get safely from “A to B.”

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