1,000+hp Pump-Gas Single Turbo LS3 on the Dyno

Boost is just like a drug. Once you have a little bit of it, the addictive properties ...

Boost is just like a drug. Once you have a little bit of it, the addictive properties will get to you and you simply won’t be able to help yourself from wanting more and more of it as the power gets turned up and that feeling when you get behind the wheel of your boosted machine just feels better every time.

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For Paul Petaloutis, we don’t think that he’s going to have any problem at all with his addiction to boost because this LS3 based application makes plenty of it and spits out a ton of power on the other end, ready for the driver’s enjoyment with one depression of the accelerator.

At just 12 pounds of boost on pump gas only, this mammoth of an engine and turbo combination is able to make its way to north of 1000 hp at the flywheel. In other words, when the engine finally finds its way into a vehicle, it’s going to be one rowdy little freak of a car or truck.

Check out the video below that will take you along for the ride in spool city as this boosted V8 hits the engine dyno to show you exactly what it’s made of. No matter what kind of power you’re into, something like this is simply a load of fun to watch.

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