3 Facts you didn’t Know About the Ice Charger from Fate of the Furious

It’s pretty rare to see, but as gearheads, we simply love it when a movie ...

It’s pretty rare to see, but as gearheads, we simply love it when a movie series or just a particular movie is able to insert awesome cars into the storyline and make them as strong of characters as the actual actors themselves are. With enough attention to detail, this is something that could definitely be pulled off without a hitch.

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If there’s one franchise that we can look to as having cars that have as strong of a presence as the people who act, The Fast and the Furious would definitely be that franchise and recently, with another installment, it’s been making a ton of noise. This time, we check out one car in particular that YouTuber, Rob Dahm, gives us an inside look at that we might not have otherwise seen on the screen.

Video credit – Rob Dahm

In the latest movie, the Dodge Charger that is known as the “Ice Charger” seems to pop into the world of the Furious out of nowhere, sporting an all-wheel-drive setup that leaves you to wonder how exactly this car came to exist in the story. This time, Rob answers just a couple of the questions behind what we think might be a new fan favorite amongst all of the movies in the saga.

If you ride along down the video below, you will get a chance to see Rob’s unique look at the car behind the franchise, focusing in on all of this car has to offer that wasn’t necessarily spoken about in the movie. Little bits and pieces of information like this are the things that really make the diehard fans go wild! Check it out below to see exactly what three things Rob is talking about that really set this one apart from the pack.

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