300K Mile Supra Still Has It! Makes 520hp On a Tired Build

Toyota’s legendary Supra is one of the most iconic cars to ever hit the streets ...

Toyota’s legendary Supra is one of the most iconic cars to ever hit the streets anywhere on the globe. The platform itself has it all, literally. Ageless styling, solid fit and finish, and of course, the all-conquering 2JZ power plant under the hood. This engine is the stuff gearhead wet dreams are made of, with a nearly bulletproof bottom end and the capability to crank out four-digit horsepower levels with a totally stock bottom end and very light modification required on the top end.

The Supra is known not only for it’s amazing response to mods, but but for it’s durability, living for a veritable lifetime on the parts as they were installed at the factory, even when you crank up the boost and push the power levels way above stock numbers. The video below is a perfect look at one of these cars doing exactly what has made the car such a sought-after ride. This guy recently bought this car and had no idea what the situation was as far as parts that had been installed, and the tune seemed to be pretty sketchy. He took it to the tuning gurus at KP Tuning to have a safe tune installed to keep the car running while he decided on what to do with the car as far as further modifications go. The guys at KP put the car on the rollers and cranked out a couple of pulls on the dyno, finding the car’s happy medium for a drivable tune that will keep the owner on the road.

These cars are one of few vehicles built that have not just held their value, but actually appreciated to the point of being worth double or triple the original sale price, if not more.

Hit that play button below and watch as the iconic Supra spins the rollers and cranks out a solid 520 horsepower from a daily drivable inline six cylinder that is pushing a quarter century of being on the streets. To say Toyota hit it out of the park with the Supra would be a huge understatement.

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