700 Mph @ 20 feet – Blue Angels Sneak Pass Almost breaks Sound Barrier

If we’re talking about those who really know how to throw down behind the ...

If we’re talking about those who really know how to throw down behind the controls of an insane machine, then look no further than the Blue Angels. With their fighter jets, these pilots are able to accomplish maneuvers that go beyond those of your wildest dreams.

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When the Angles pass, these folks standing on a beach are left in awe not because of some fancy maneuver that a pilot is able to carry out as he defies gravity but instead because it looks like this jet is being pushed to the limits in a high-speed low-altitude flyby that really makes you stop what you’re doing in watching amazement.

Check out the video below that shows off this Blue Angel’s aircraft nearly breaking the sound barrier as it travels at 700 mph, the maximum allowed for spectator show purposes, just 20 feet above the ground. Even though it looks like the jet is at full tilt, they’re able to travel at around twice this speed when there’s no crowd in attendance. Having something fly past you at that kind of velocity with such close proximity really has to be something to write home about.



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