Amazing Bike Inventions Could Change this Stagnant Market Forever

If there’s definitely something that has been around for years and hasn’t ...

If there’s definitely something that has been around for years and hasn’t changed very much, you can take one look at the bicycle industry and recognize that it has been quite stagnant. Sure, minor things might have come about, using different materials possibly and throwing things like suspension into the mix, however, the basic functionality of how exactly a bicycle works hasn’t really changed at all. With everything so rapidly advancing these days, or so it seems, you would think that the bicycle industry would have been hit heavy by major changes or advancement.

While they’re out there in niche markets, there haven’t really been any mainstream advancements but there are certainly people out there who are trying to grab their piece of the pie and inventing all sorts of different bicycles and gadgets that go along with the industry, attempting to breathe new life into something that has been the same forever. This time, we dive into five futuristic bike inventions that you might want to take a look at. Whether or not you will end up actually investing money into one of these things is questionable but, for entertainment purposes, all of these are worth at least taking a peek at.

From a collapsible bike that will actually charge your smartphone to different locking technology that’s a little bit less cumbersome and even a family bike that is just a little bit wonky, this video takes on a whole collection of ideas and brings them to the forefront, presenting them to you in such a way as to try and bring them into the mainstream. Whether or not we will actually ever see any of these make their way to the market heavily is yet to be determined but for now, I think they’re definitely pretty cool and deserve at least a second look. After checking these things out for yourself, do you think that they will end up making any sort of a heavy presence any time soon?

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