Angry People vs High End Sports Cars Compilation Makes us Cringe

We aren’t quite sure what it is but there seems to be a phenomenon of people ...

We aren’t quite sure what it is but there seems to be a phenomenon of people being angry at sports cars. Sure, it might not be an everyday kind of thing. Buying a sports car isn’t necessarily painting a target on your back. However, there is an entire section of YouTube where people seem to become irate at the mere thought of a sports car. It’s really obscure when we break it down and consider where the rage is coming from.

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Sometimes, drivers create a situation that could naturally anger people. After all, if you do something like a burnout on somebody’s front doorstep, they’ll probably get a little bit irritated. However, other times, it seems to come out of nowhere. Some of the folks pictured in this video really look like they’re angry at owners of exotic cars simply because of the vehicle that they’re driving.

It’s really an interesting phenomenon that we can’t take our eyes off of. This time, we find somebody who has made an entire compilation of people getting angry over these sports cars. In some of these cases, we can’t tell if it’s just pure jealousy taking over or not. That kind of seems like a cop-out of an explanation but one that’s rather fitting. The situations that we watch unfold are obscure and that certainly putting it lightly. It’s almost as if the folks pictured here have something triggered in their brains at the mere thought of a car they likely can’t afford.

By following along with the video below, you’ll be treated to a long list of videos that has people acting out. While some of these reactions definitely could be warranted, others are completely off base. After checking this one out, be sure to tell us which of these moments you found to be the most obscure of the bunch.

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