Angry Scottish Man vs Sheep is the Greatest Road Rage Video of All Time!

When it comes to road rage videos, we’re used to seeing about the same thing ...

When it comes to road rage videos, we’re used to seeing about the same thing every time. Usually, it’s two people who take themselves way too seriously escalating a situation that happened out on the roadways to an all new level to the point where it might even get physical. The differentiating factor between most of these videos is just how far some of these people are willing to take their rage. Sometimes, it ends in pretty insane lengths that these people go to, completely going bananas and some even start to pull out weapons and such, doing way more than any normal person should do should they get caught up in a road rage situation.

In this one, however, the script is completely flipped. Instead of two people going at it in a situation like this, instead, we have a man going all out with a sheep in what might be the most hilarious road rage video of all time. Maybe it’s just because we’re Americans and not used to hearing that Scottish tongue being screamed at a sheep, of all of the possible recipients of anger, but this man’s demeanor most certainly had us rolling in laughter as well. He must have had a really bad day because let us just tell you this: The sheep did an incredible job of getting under this guy’s skin in every way possible.

Follow along in the video below as this poor sheep seems to have nowhere to go as the angry Scottish man follows behind, screaming insults at the sheep as it continues its way down the roadway. I think that what both of these characters in this comedy have in common is that they are both just looking for a way to get home. When you’re out there watching videos on the web, you really never know what you’re going to stumble across but we have to say that we’re happy that we managed to find this one because it’s enough to brighten up just about anybody’s day.


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