Arab Aventador Seized by Police within 48 hours!

Imagine this, you just picked up your dream car, a Lamborghini Aventador, one of the ...

Imagine this, you just picked up your dream car, a Lamborghini Aventador, one of the most insane machines that money can buy and it’s even decked out all sorts of wild graphics to make it even more one-of-a-kind. It’s a pretty exciting experience and is definitely a high for just about anybody who has brain in between their ears, however, just imagine the low that you would receive shortly thereafter if two days later, that very same Lamborghini ended up on the back of a tow truck, getting seized and taken away from you.

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That was exactly the situation here, or at least that’s how the video uploader describes it, as this bright and boisterous Aventador would end up being seized by the police within 48 hours of new ownership. “Why?” you ask. Well, reports that go along with the video say that the police claim that the wealthy Qatari owner just so happened to be operating this insanely expensive machine without insurance nor a license. I’m not sure what really goes through your head to have that happen, especially with a machine of this magnitude but apparently, the person behind the wheel here didn’t really care about any of the aforementioned precursors to getting behind the wheel and just went for it!

I’m not really sure what the plan was for if they did get found and the car did get seized but I guess that the exit strategy is being observed now as the car is getting towed away on a flatbed! Now, you never like to see anybody go down like that and you hope that the person behind this will be able to get their hands on their Lamborghini once again but, hopefully next time, they will go through the proper steps that it takes to get a license and get the car insured. After all, one step in the wrong direction and a situation like that could definitely prove┬áto be an incredibly costly mistake.

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