Are After Market Warranties Worth Buying?

There are tons of things that you can buy that could potentially come with some sort ...

There are tons of things that you can buy that could potentially come with some sort of warranty. Whether it be a car or an electronic device or something in between, often times, there will be the option to elect for that little bit extra money that will promise you protection should something go wrong. Sometimes said protection is through the company that sold you the item and other times, it might be through a third party provider and every time that you’re posed that question to buy one, you might have a strong opinion about warranties and might actually be a little bit curious to see if it would actually be worth it.

Speaking as someone who is really rough on their things, electronic warranties have saved my rear end from thousands of dollars out-of-pocket but I don’t find myself to be somebody who would necessarily pick up a warranty for a car. However, when you take a look at what these things cost versus what you could end up coming out of pocket with, it’s definitely something that might be worth investigating more deeply. If you have a car that is one that is notoriously expensive to fix, even for simple things going wrong, it might be even more worth looking into.

In this one, we take a ride along with Rob Ferretti as he guides us through exactly what he thinks of the automotive warranties. Now, in this market, it might be a service that many might be cautious about because of horror stories of companies not wanting to pay up or only covering certain minimal things that will probably never break but Rob definitely maintains that he supports certain warranty companies that offer help with your car. I guess that, just like any other market, it’s something that you want to research heavily to see how people have had experience with certain companies. Listen in to Rob’s perspective down below and after hearing what he has to say, be sure to sound off on if you have ever had an experience with a car warranty company that was either good or bad enough to tell about.

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