Army Truck Meets Rat Rod Cadillac “The Deuce DeVille” is All You Need in Life

In the realm of rat rods, the weirder, the better and when you take one look at this ...

In the realm of rat rods, the weirder, the better and when you take one look at this old school Cadillac it pretty much screams strange as this classic ride has been lifted up and decked out with all of the odds and ends that you would find hanging around in a junkyard and left for dead.

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Complete with a custom chassis pulled from a deuce and a half, this Cadillac Deville otherwise known as the “Deuce DeVille” has a pair of dually axles hanging out under the back to make it even more of a head-turning rat when it gets to whatever show it happens to be heading to on that particular day. This thing is a guaranteed attention-grabber wrapped up in lots of rust.

If the old and decrepit is your forte then look no further because this custom machine will have you in awe, looking at every last touch for quite some time and wondering where in the world the thought pattern behind this beast of a Cadillac came from.

Check it out Matt Groover’s custom-built ride down below as we’re given a complete tour and even a little ride along in the Cadillac that is unlike any Caddy you have ever seen before. Be sure to chime in with what you think of this rat rod of epic proportions that literally goes above and beyond to make a statement!

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