The 10 Best Races From Outlaw Armageddon 5

In the world of drag racing, one of the hottest topics around is that of the no prep! ...

In the world of drag racing, one of the hottest topics around is that of the no prep! Let’s just say that at these events, the drama is at an all-time high. Drivers compete not only with one another but also with the surface beneath them. When all of the sticky track prep is removed, those high horsepower animals can’t always get that power to the ground. Long story short, the fans love the drama and drivers face yet another challenge on their way to victory.

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In terms of the biggest races of the year, look no further than Outlaw Armageddon. This past weekend, we saw the fifth installment of the event and it really brought out the heavy hitters. For a get together that is often referred to as the “Super Bowl” of no prep, you can bet your bottom dollar that the big names are coming out. Just as those looking to establish themselves would like the platform, the big names don’t want to be taken down!

It’s not hard to imagine that this format could end up making some pretty awesome races happen. As drivers really push the limits, we never know what’s going to happen. For some of them, they end up going sideways. For others, it’s a pedal fest all the way down to the finish line. We truly never know what’s going to happen at these events and we feel like we’re always surprised.

By following along in the video below, we catch up with Urban Hillbilly Action Videos and their take on it all. They’ve taken the liberty of putting together ten of the best passes from the event. No matter who is competing here, every last driver wants one thing and that’s a victory. The path that they take to get there might not always be the most straightforward. One way or another, one of them is taking the win, though! – URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS.

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