BIG TIRE -vs- Small Tire – No Prep Mayhem

Sometimes, you just want to sit back and watch some no prep action without ...

Sometimes, you just want to sit back and watch some no prep action without interruptions. The guys at Urban Hillbilly are some of the best at bringing you clips like this and this time, we get a big old compilation of races from No Prep Mayhem at Kansas International Dragway that is heavy hitting and really delivers on that adrenaline rush that you’re searching for when checking out racing like this.

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All of this footage is from a class that tosses together a couple variants of cars, all with one intention in mind and that is to lay the power down and take home victory. However, in no prep, you really never know what could possibly happen as it’s one of the most exciting ways to get down.

I guess that some of the small tire guys were feeling froggy because, in this one, we get to see a variety of them pushing their cars to the limits, even so much that they had the confidence in thinking that they might be able to take home a win over a couple of big tire machines in a class that puts small tire and big tire together on one racing surface.

The rules are simple and the goal is in sight so all that these individuals have to do is keep their cars out of the wall and in their own lane before blasting their way through the eighth mile finish line first to take home victory.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get quite the treat as all of this racing brings itself to life in a format that you can’t miss. There are definitely some good battles to be had here and the persistence brought to the table is second to none as everyone is gunning for that top spot! There’s nothing like a little bit of competition to get the juices flowing and that action dial turned up, especially when the cars are sliding around on that unprepared surface!

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