Birdman With New HEMI Power vs The 55 – No Prep Shootout in NY

No prep badass Birdman recently swapped engines, upgrading to the well-established ...

No prep badass Birdman recently swapped engines, upgrading to the well-established powerplant of choice for some of the baddest hotrods on the planet, a boosted hemi. Twin turbo hemi engines power some of the quickest pro mods in the world, including the boosted ProLine Racing Engines engine in the El General C7 that ripped off the quickest quarter mile time in history for any car with doors, 5.40 seconds earlier this year. While Birdman’s car isn’t exactly a state-of-the-art pro mod like the El General Vette, it is still a swoopy, fairly light weight chassis that now has one of the most potent engines in all of motorsports under the hood.

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Of course, the competition in the world of no prep is some of the toughest you will find thanks to the great equalizer of the unprepared racing surface. With limited traction, all the power in the world is meaningless without control and finesse, which no prep veteran Birdman happens to have plenty of. Lining up alongside the gorgeous and powerful 55 Chevy known far and wide simply as “The 55”, Birman has no small feat in taking out the nitrous injected Shoebox Chevy. The 55 is powered by a massive nitrous-huffing engine that has pushed the car to the winner’s circle several times already this year at no prep events across the nation. While certainly no stranger to The 55, this would be one of the first true tests of Birman’s new hemi.

The 55 took a sizable lead at the start thanks to his quicker reaction time and the quicker 60 foot times nitrous cars are known for, but Birdman dials up the hemi power and drives around on the top end to take the win. When he gets the new engine really dialed in, there will be very few cars out there that will be able to match up with the Trans Am in a heads up race, so they better be praying he gets out of shape if they’re see him in the other lane!

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