Here at Speed Society, we aim to give away the most intense machines on the streets. With that, we introduce to you our latest giveaway, a bad-to-the-bone 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE cranking out 1000 horsepower. We call it "ZL1000."

From the factory, the ZL1 1LE holds the highest badge of honor in the Camaro community and it comes with the performance to match. The 1LE extreme track performance package makes this Camaro the best handling there is through aerodynamic improvements and a trick suspension that will make this thing stick to the road like a dream.

Along with the help of some amazing sponsors including Vengeance Racing, LME, Whipple, HP Tuners, VP Racing Fuels, ACG Automotive, and Mustang Dyno we took the performance machine to an entirely new level. This is how we got there.

Under the hood

At the heart of the build, the factory supercharger has been replaced with Whipple's 2.9L unit, complete with their 10 rib pulley setup, 1000 hp comes incredibly reliably.

Of course, getting air in and out of the engine is one of the most essential parts of making power. Therefore, the build includes a Roto-Fab Intake (Big Gulp) that leads to a Nick Williams 103mm throttle body. Air is expelled through American Racing 2” Long Tube Headers which not only perform well but sound like a dream, too.

All of the power-making goodies would be good for nothing without the proper fuel delivery system. With that, we also installed LPE High-Flow Injectors, an LPE Big Bore DI High Volume Fuel Pump, and a DSX Low Side Fuel System

Other supporting modifications and accessories include an ATI Super Damper, a Katech Valley Cover, and ARP Head Studs. When all is said and done with the physical modification, the crew at Vengeance hopped behind the computer to make all parts work together in perfect harmony with custom flex fuel calibration.

The engine bay is sitting pretty with the help of Vengeance Valve Covers and Vengeance Coil Relocation that clean up the area under the hood nicely.

Aerodynamic Perfection

Out of the box, the ZL1 1LE is designed to stand out with a satin black-wrapped hood along with black mirrors, rear spoiler, and front splitter. Not only are the looks menacing but the package is designed to take the already awesome Camaro architecture and add more downforce and turning performance as an aerodynamic juggernaut.

A couple of subtle but awesome additions that you'll find on the machine are exposed weave carbon fiber hood inserts and an exposed weave carbon fiber spoiler. Carbon fiber is not only gorgeous to look at. It also provides one of the lightest and strongest ways to take aerodynamics to the next level.

A factory performance suspension with DSSV Dampers make sure that ZL1000 is sticking to the road like nothing you've ever driven before.

We finish off the looks department with a couple more touches. After all, the details are what really makes a build stand out. Last but not least, we add Crystalline window tint, smoked LED side markers, and titanium wheel lug nuts to really complete the look.

Extra goodies

Onboard, ZL100 comes complete with a Performance Data and Video Recorder just in case you want to capture a couple of hot laps to post to social media or share with friends.

XPEL Paint Protection Film provides full vehicle coverage to add a layer of safety between ZL1000 and the elements. The exterior has also been coated with CQuartz Finest nano-ceramic coating for a bit of extra coverage. Even the windshield is protected with the help of a protective windshield film.

Last but not least, ZL1 Rock Guards, Tow Hook and Lift Pads will provide some finishing touches to ensure that ZL1000 is the complete experience.