Burnoutology with Street Outlaws Farmtruck & AZN

After heading to the Land Down Under in 2017 for their first taste of the Australian ...

After heading to the Land Down Under in 2017 for their first taste of the Australian car culture at the Summernationals, Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck and AZN knew they wanted to go back in 2018, and they didn’t just want to go watch this go ‘round. The insane meet, held this year for the 31st time, brings together some of the coolest rides from the entire continent to spend a weekend cruising, racing and of course, murdering all the tires in the world famous burnout contest.

Knowing the main draw was the skid pit, as the locals call it, Team FN’A decided to build a little brother of sorts to the Farmtruck we see on the streets of the 405 each week. Knowing they didn’t need the brute horsepower the nitrous-fed big block in the OG truck, they elected instead to run an LS setup, although they did slap a supercharger on top to make sure the combo had more than enough power to blow the tires to smithereens for the massive crowds gathered for the show.

Just about everything else about the truck is vintage Farmtruck though, from the camper shell to the paint and steel wheels, which gave it all the appeal of the ride we all know and love from the show. With the truck finished up just in time for the show, the duo took to the skies to fly to the Land of Oz and take their first shot at the burnout contest, finding out very quickly that it’s not as easy as it looks!

Just a few moments into their first run at blazing the tires, the Skidtruck lost the power steering pump, leaving Farmtruck at the mercy of physics, which left him slammed nose-first into one of the concrete barriers. However, the rowdy Australian crowd showed them plenty of love, motivating them to make the necessary repairs and get the truck back in action.

As you will see in the video below, good times were had by all and we can only imagine the 2019 Summernats will be even crazier!

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