Can a Seasoned NHRA Veteran Handle a 1,500 MPH F-16 Falcon Ride?

Jeg Coughlin Jr. is rather accomplished when it comes to going fast on the ground. ...

Jeg Coughlin Jr. is rather accomplished when it comes to going fast on the ground. With 30 years of professional racing under his belt, he has been 200 mph more times than we could possibly count. It has even resulted in the likes of six NHRA titles with 74 wins.

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Just hopping into a car that’s going to rocket to 200 mph is something that a lot of people wouldn’t have the courage for. Jeg almost makes it look like something that second nature to him at this point, though. Honestly, with all his experience, it probably is.

Would Coughlin’s experience on the ground transfer to a ride in an F-16 Falcon, though?

According to Business Insiderthe F-16 can travel at up to 1,500 mph. That’s twice as fast as the speed of sound. Without perspective, some of that speed might be lost in the cockpit. However, the sensation of flying upside down all that distance above the ground most certainly isn’t.

Jeg has proven over and over again that he is certainly one bad man. This experience, though, really goes above and beyond in every way imaginable.

This time, by following along with the video below, we get a front-row view of the experience. This video is a bit of a throwback as it has aged eleven years since the date of posting in 2009. However, it’s still quite the visual to watch as somebody who has gone fast his whole life is exposed to an all-new level of speed and adrenaline.

After watching something like this, would you be willing to hop on board with the Thunderbirds and an F-16 Falcon? This is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, no matter who makes the choice to get into this fighter jet, they are bound to be more than just a little bit on edge. – Team JEGS

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