Check Out Tim Cameron’s Insane New Rock Bouncer! 1,400 Horsepower Monster!

If you know anything about the offroading world, you know the name Tim Cameron and ...

If you know anything about the offroading world, you know the name Tim Cameron and you know that he is always on the forefront of offroad innovation. Tim constantly pushes the envelope with high horsepower builds with innovative chassis designs that almost always work well and pave the way for other competitors to step up their game as well.

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His latest creation, named Stand Back, is the latest in a long line of Cameron creations. It is powered by a naturally aspirated big block powerplant cranking out an insane 1,400 horsepower from its 700+ inches of displacement. The advantages of a naturally aspirated engine are smooth, manageable power delivery that’s always there. Turbocharged engines can certainly make much more power from fewer cubic inches, but you have to deal with lag and a host of components that can fail, especially under such extreme abuse. Superchargers are a good alternative, but again introduce more things to break, and they never break at an opportune time.

Tim also moved the single seat to the center of the chassis, most likely to help with balance and visibility. The massive engine is set low in the frame to keep the center of gravity nice and low, also to help with balance. You can see the massive suspension components and in the walk around from our buddies over at Busted Knuckle Films.

With this being the first time out, there are some expected hiccups with the new build, but watching Tim push Stand Back to the limits with the engine screaming and the tires and suspension bouncing up and over the terrain like it’s your basic gravel driveway. He does break a couple of components, but that’s to be expected when pushing such a monster build to the limits.

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