Wheel & Tire Bundle

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Lay rubber in style with Speed Society's Tire Shine. Our shine gives you that deep and wet new tire look with no sticky good Silicone-based for longer lasting results, our low-sling formula brings life back into those sun-faded tires. A single coast of our advanced tire shine guards your tires against the elements and deteriorating signs of aging for weeks, not days. Its that perfect finishing touch to your detailing routine. Say goodbye to faded and dusty tires with the last premium Tire Shine spray you'll ever need.

Keep the kicks clean with the Speed Society Wheel Cleaner. Ready to spray out of the bottle, the cleaning gel clings to the wheels to provide minimal runoff and maximum cleaning capabilities. Safe on all types of wheel finishes, it removed the most stubborn brake dust, dirt, grime, and whatever else you're picking up along the way.