Could the Left-For-Dead Car in your Garage Be Worth Millions? These Were!

When you take a look around the automotive community, there’re certain cars ...

When you take a look around the automotive community, there’re certain cars that just carry a mystique with them that bolsters what they are to new heights. Sometimes, it’s the story behind these cars and the way that they came to be that really makes them worth a ton of money when combined with other factors like rarity.

One of the first things that you learn, for example, in the world of collector cars, is that if you could ever find a way to get your hands on original Shelby Cobra, you should do it because, odds are that even if it’s in poor condition, the car will more likely than not be worth more than your average American home.

This time, we get a unique chance to follow couple of barn finds that make their way to the auction block with a Shelby Cobra being one of the featured participants. Before we even get to the Cobra, though, we check out another machine that was found in the same collection that also proved its worth on the block when the 1966 Ferrari 275GTB Long Nose Alloy with matching numbers started at $1 million and managed to work its way up to $2.3 million. How does that sit with you as an appetizer for the main course? Remember, these cars were left for dead!

Of course, following closely in its footsteps closely behind was the Shelby and while the car didn’t bring quite as much money, it’s hard to argue that the machine does have a dominating presence as it rolls up on the auction block, showing so much potential lying under that coat of dust that, when removed, will reveal what experts believe to be a pretty much all-original car. When it comes automotive auctions, it doesn’t get much better than this so be sure to feast your eyes on the video below and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about why this car has put together the stature that it has today.

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