Customizing A Ford GT Order With Vaughn Gittin Jr. Part 1

If you get behind a driver like Vaughn Gittin Jr., you’re talking about ...

If you get behind a driver like Vaughn Gittin Jr., you’re talking about somebody who has definitely been behind the wheel of a lot of cars. Not only has he driven a lot of cars that you and I have access to but he’s also been behind the wheel of some machines that make well over 1000 hp and are built to absolutely attack whatever track or racing surface it is that is at hand. Maybe it’s his RTR drifting machine or perhaps a rallycross car‚Ķ You get the idea. Therefore, you would imagine that when such a driver who has driven some of the most insane vehicles that one can fathom gets behind the wheel of a car and says that it’s one of his favorites, maybe it’s a car that you should keep an eye out for.

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This time, we ride along with Vaughn as he takes us through the process of being able to customize his very own Ford GT. From start to finish, it would appear as if the professional driver really has his fingerprints on just about every part of this process and therefore, when he gets down to actually driving the car, it seems a little bit more special than just picking the machine off of the lot. In fact, we think that this might even be one of his favorites.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to see the parts of the very personal process that have Gittin Jr. picking out exactly the way that he wants his GT and even showcases a little bit of wheeltime as he gets his initial impressions on one of the cars that has really done a great job of taking the automotive community by storm. This certainly isn’t one that you’re going to want to miss.

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