Daddy Dave Tests His New Build on a Big Tire! She is Movin’!

If you’ve ever seen Daddy Dave in action, you know that when he hops behind the ...

If you’ve ever seen Daddy Dave in action, you know that when he hops behind the wheel of the Goliath 2.0 Chevrolet Nova, he means business and once Dave gets that look in his eyes, unfortunately for the competition, it just so happens that there is no turning back.

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This time, we head out to Thunder Valley Raceway Park as Dave’s Facebook page puts us on the scene to capture the action as Dave is doing a couple of test hits on a big tire to see exactly how far Goliath will allow him to push before the car starts getting a little bit too rowdy for the racing surface. It’s all about finding that perfect medium for when it comes time to race as too much power will guarantee a lack of traction but obviously, on the other end of that spectrum, there’s a loss waiting for you if you don’t turn the car up quite enough. If “balancing act” was in the dictionary, this kind of testing would probably be pictured right next to it!

Check out the video below that takes us along for a ride with one of the most bad ass drivers to ever get behind the wheel of a racing machine as he really starts playing with that dial to see where the happy medium for him just so happens to be this time. The more data, the better, as every pass gives Dave and company valuable data points to be able to tweak every last system on the car until it finally comes into its own enough to conquer on race day. Being able to see the behind the scenes as Dave get the car ready before putting it into action is really a treat to watch, so be sure to catch this test pass below as the car is on a rail!

First time with new combo on big tires. This was Wednesday, we learned some stuff and changed a few things. Then put it in the street last night.

Posted by Daddy Dave on Sunday, March 18, 2018

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