Earnhardt Jr Reflects on Legacy, Teases Big Plans Coming Next

Among the topics that have been at the head of discussion recently is the one that ...

Among the topics that have been at the head of discussion recently is the one that brings an end to a legacy. You have probably heard at this point that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is, in fact, retiring and this past weekend, he had taken his final laps while behind the wheel of a NASCAR stock car. When such a big name in a sport, arguably one of the most important for their sport, comes to the point in time where they start to talk about retirement, it really sparks a lot of questions and controversy around what’s going to happen next. When you’re such a figurehead for an organization and have built up such a reputation as Junior has, it’s really hard to simply just walk away from every facet of your career.

This time, Dale Earnhardt Jr. takes to the Today Show to talk a little bit about what it’s like winding down his career and what you can expect to see from him next. He spills the beans on his plans for the future which, as a lot of us had anticipated, do include more NASCAR related activities. Sure, he won’t be behind the wheel anymore but between being a team owner and finding his way up to the broadcast booth for half of next year’s season, I’m sure that he will have his hands pretty full on Sundays.

As of now, these are the plans moving forward and we’re not sure if we will ever see an Earnhardt behind the wheel in NASCAR ever again but, for fans who claim to be behind Dale Junior, they’ll be excited to hear that he isn’t making his way away from the sport entirely just yet. If you care to listen in to Junior’s thoughts on what’s going happen to move things forward, be sure to check out the video below as he really gets into it with Michael Strahan, describing exactly what his situation is feeling like and how you’re going to be able to get your Earnhardt fix in the coming years.

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