Did He Take The 4 Cylinder Out Of This Dodge Neon?! V8 RWD Dodge Neon Is FAST!

We’ve seen all kinds of engine swaps here at Speed Society, from mild to completely ...

We’ve seen all kinds of engine swaps here at Speed Society, from mild to completely asinine. Some are simple, some are complicated and a few took so much work it is clear the owner is just a glutton for a punishment. And there are some that just make sense and some that leave us wondering “…. but why?!” And then there are some that are simple, effective and downright glorious, like this one!

I’m aware, for those of you eager to jump in the comments and chop my head off, that this is more than just an engine swap. What you’re looking at here is basically a tube-chassis with a Dodge Neon body draped over it, but it looks pretty cool and runs damn good. While we don’t have any info about the powerplant, it’s obviously a pretty healthy V8 crammed under the Neon’s hood, most likely a big block Chevy, though the owner may have stayed true to the cars brand loyalty and dropped a Mopar powerplant between the framerails.

Regardless of what’s under the hood, the car was built for bracket racing, where consistency is the name of the game. Instead of pushing their cars to go as quick as possible each round, bracket racers need their car to run as close as possible to the same elapsed time run after run. While there are different opinions on the best approach, most bracket cars aren’t running on the ragged edge because that introduces more ways for inconsistency to throw a wrench into the plan of running the number back-to-back.

It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, we get that bracket racing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, as it’s certainly a lot more fun to do than it is to watch, but with cars like this in the mix, maybe a few more fans will stick around and watch!

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