Evel Knievel Talks About Some Of His Most Memorable Jumps

For kids today, there’s a good chance that they have never seen or heard of the ...

For kids today, there’s a good chance that they have never seen or heard of the most famous daredevil to ever do it. However, Evel Knievel has definitely carried out more than his fair share of death-defying antics on a motorcycle and is definitely worth sharing, in memories, with the next generation. For those of us who are just a little bit older, though, we probably have some sort of grasp of what exactly it was that Knievel took on as he would jump over all kinds of things, sometimes, meeting those jumps with success and other times, finding a way to live through pure disaster. One thing that all the displays had in common was that they would reach out and seek adrenaline like nobody had ever done before.

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If something is for sure, it would be that for somebody who has lived out their life making a living off of stunt riding, they probably have some pretty insane stories to go behind that timeline. Somebody doesn’t throw their body at the liberty of momentum for an entire career and simply come out of it without having anything to say. This remains true for Evel as he definitely has some recollections that are sure to blow you away and put you back in your seat as he talks about some of the most memorable jumps that were both successful and unsuccessful alike.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll get a glimpse inside of the thoughts and the head of the man who basically defied gravity for a living, going above and beyond to, well, go above and beyond quite literally. After watching an interview like this, you probably won’t be able to help but garner even more respect and admiration for what exactly this guy managed to pull off over the span of such an illustrious career.

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