F-18 Fighter Jet Trying to Hitch a Ride on a C-130

If you ever need proof that our military pilots are some the best in the air, just ...

If you ever need proof that our military pilots are some the best in the air, just watch this video!

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As a photographer, I can really appreciate the effort these pilots – in both the F-18 and the C-130 – are putting into getting these two high-dollar aircraft in just the right position for this photo shoot. Two cameramen click away as the F-18 fighter maintains a distance of just a few feet behind the massive C-130 from which the photos are being taken. At several hundred miles per hour and with both planes exhibiting vastly different in-flight behavior, pulling up on the back of another plane takes tremendous skill and concentration, and these pilots absolutely nail it.

I would love to see the photos that were captured during this shoot, especially if the photographers caught the flares dropped by the F-18 throughout the shoot. I bet they are awesome photos of one of our military’s most badass pieces of machinery.

F-18 gets inside a C-130

F-18 trying to hitch a ride on a #C130

Posted by C-130 Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul on Sunday, February 12, 2017

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