First 2020 Corvette Rolls Off Assembly Line, Dealerships to Deliver Within a Month

It’s hard not to get excited as the 2020 model year cars begin to roll into the ...

It’s hard not to get excited as the 2020 model year cars begin to roll into the streets. When we look at the lineups, we find that we’re actually getting a little bit spoiled this year. Among the machines that we have already seen, the Toyota Supra and Shelby GT500 have been getting good reception. One of the nameplates that we have been waiting for but has yet to come is the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette.

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That’s all about to change as GM reported that the first one rolled off of the assembly line on Monday.

For the latest trick that they’re pulling out their hat, General Motors has completely decided to mix up the heritage of the Corvette. This came as a surprise to many as the design was one that GM has not taken very many chances with over the years. This time, though, it was really an opportunity to go to the drawing board and try something explosive. They completely overhauled their baby that we thought would always retain the same form.

The result will have enthusiasts ready as The C8 makes its way into the hands of consumers. For the first time ever, the engine will be moved from the front of the Corvette to the back. Perhaps the car will begin to be more of a direct competitor for some of the supercars that we find coming out of Europe.

The Corvette has already gained a reputation as a budget supercar alternative, packing the performance without the price. This is how it has effectively become a cornerstone of the performance community. Perhaps they finally started to embrace that role and go head-to-head with the best from abroad.

How will the Corvette fit into the landscape? We will begin to find out later this month or in March when dealers begin to make deliveries.

Photo cred – tractionlife

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