First Powerglide C7 Corvette Runs 1/4 Mile, Owner Says He’s Coming for the Record

When you first put together a vehicle or alter it in any substantial way, there is ...

When you first put together a vehicle or alter it in any substantial way, there is usually quite a bit of a learning curve that goes alongside such a situation. For example, when StangKilr a.k.a. Justin Keith decided to slap a Powerglide transmission in his C7 Chevrolet Corvette, you would think that the learning curve behind figuring it all out would mean that it would probably be a while before he got to dial the car in to just the right place so he could make a couple of quarter-mile passes that would yield results that were desirable.

However, it seems like right off the bat, Justin would come out swinging as he absolutely managed to destroy the quarter mile in just a couple of passes, taking that that Corvette that boasts just over 1000 hp and punching it into the eight-second range! I’m not sure if you have your dictionary anywhere near you but if you want to get to researching, basically, that is absolutely rolling! On top of it all, Keith tells us that the car isn’t completely turned up just yet and it has about another 400 hp in the tank. Just imagine when he gets this thing rolling with a full head of steam.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch the first couple of quarter mile passes as made by the world’s first Powerglide powered C7 Corvette. It might be early in the process of getting this thing all ironed out, however, Justin seems to be elated with what the car is doing out there, rightfully so! This is one that you’re going to want to keep an eye on if you’re any sort of Corvette or even drag racing fan as he seems to be confident that the car is going to be able to take the title as the fastest C7 and we have no reason to doubt that!

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