Ford Employee Caught Joyriding Customers Mustang GT

For pretty much anyone who has a high-performance car, the thought crosses our minds ...

For pretty much anyone who has a high-performance car, the thought crosses our minds of who we can leave it with. As many folks simply aren’t used to the power, it wouldn’t be very smart to leave such a machine with someone who couldn’t handle it. Furthermore, Leaving the car with somebody who can handle it but isn’t trustworthy may be just as bad. You never know how they’re going to treat the ride that we’ve spent so much time maintaining and taking care of. In the hands of someone else, they might not treat it nearly as nice.

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One of the places where a car owner should be able to leave their car without having to think twice about it is a branded dealership, Steven’s Jersey City Ford. One would be led to think that if a major automaker would slap their logo on the front of the building that sells cars, the people within it would be honest and forthright enough to take care of the car the same way that the owner would. However, on the other hand, we realize it’s nearly impossible to weed out all of the bad seeds that might have ill intentions. This is how we end up running into the videos of dealership employees joyriding customer cars in a highly disrespectful fashion.

This time, we follow along with a dash cam that is always recording as a dealership technician apparently was taking a Ford Mustang out in order to make sure that everything was up to par. However, instead of the casual cruise that the car probably needed, this tech took it upon himself to beat on it a little bit. This included not only spinning tires and hard accelerations but also revvingĀ up the engine as he stopped to talk to friends that he met in the street, bragging about abusing the customer car.

At one point, the technician even when as far as saying “They got the wrong one test driving this car” while it seemed as if he was on the phone with his girlfriend when driving the car. Perhaps, the worst part of the whole thing is toward the end when he picks up a couple of friends as they record the antics, speeding through crowded city streets in an act that is sure to have someone in the hot seat.

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